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Student Leadership Development

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we are building the world’s best online student leadership resource centre for schools


More than 15 years working with schools around the world, we know...

  • Schools recognise the importance of the role of Student Leadership

  • Teachers want student leaders to make a positive and lasting difference in the quickest possible time

  • Teachers are already stretched, virtually to breaking point, delivering the existing curriculum

  • Teachers have little time to prepare and deliver extra programs such as leadership

  • Many teachers are not leadership specialists but specialised in other areas.

  • Few schools can afford to employ a ‘leadership specialist’ teacher.

  • Teachers feel the pressure of not being an expert in the field of leadership

  • Teachers spend lots of unpaid extra time, often at home late at night and on weekends, preparing to deliver leadership programs.

But let’s be honest…this is not sustainable

And that’s why way back in 2003 we developed our #1 best selling Student Leadership Development program to help schools just like yours accelerate the development of their student leaders. For more than 15 years this program has been transforming the lives of student leaders around the world and transforming the lives of teachers by providing ready-to-use, comprehensive, student leadership development lessons in hard copy format.

We wanted to help you help your student leaders fulfil their role quickly and create a legacy as LEADERS at YOUR SCHOOL, and at the same time make it EASIER for TEACHERS to make this happen by providing comprehensive leadership lessons that the teacher could immediately deliver.

And now utilising our 30 years of experience developing leaders throughout the world by delivering cutting edge content and resources, we have updated and reformatted the Student Leadership Development program to help schools just like yours accelerate the development of student leaders in a ready-to-use online format.


2003: Then…

Way back in 2003 we launched our hard copy Student Leadership Development program. Schools loved it! Experienced by tens of thousands of students across the globe, teachers have shared stories of the powerful difference this program made to their students by giving them clarity, purpose, structure and inspiration to be the very best leaders they can be.

Teachers loved that the lessons were fully scripted and ready-to-teach, complete with comprehensive research and creative tasks and activities. Teachers suddenly had MORE TIME, LESS STRESS and were seeing a GREATER IMPACT by their Student Leaders.

Here’s what teachers had to say:

“The Student Leadership Kit is excellent. It is teacher-friendly, clear and well set out. It is so easy to pick up and take away and use. Our student leaders responded very positively to the program. An excellent program and money well spent…Top marks! Thumbs up!” — Mark Harris, Year 11 Coordinator, and Jason Novosel, Year 12 Coordinator, Holy Spirit College

“I would definitely recommend the Student Leadership Program to other schools… it has lots of brilliant information about leadership and the program puts it all together very well.” — Kathy John, Director of Pastoral Care, St Andrews Cathedral School

“The Student Leadership Development Program is so worthwhile for any school...it’s user-friendly and it’s so wide-ranging covering a huge number of issues critical for success as a leader.” — Mrs C Laning, Dean of Students, Calvin Christian School

But that still wasn’t enough…We were determined to make it even better and even easier for busy teachers.

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2019: Now…brand new online, updated format

Thanks to the feedback from busy teachers who have been delivering our hard copy version of the Student Leadership Development program, we have now brought our program into the online world.

The new INSPIRE Student Leadership Development Program is now available to schools in an Online Self-Paced Learning format to make it easier for schools to provide quality student leadership development to their students.



  • 17 video LESSONS (and more to come)

  • Downloadable WORKBOOKS complete with notes, tasks and activities

  • Students can work through each lesson individually or collaborate with fellow students to complete tasks and activities

All this is available when your school subscribes to the “Inspire” Student Leadership Development Program. And throughout the year we’ll be continually adding more modules and lessons to the current suite of programs at no extra cost to your school.

Online Learning Modules

These modules cover the first 5 core areas of Leadership including:

1: Defining Leadership

2: The Behaviours & Characteristics of Leaders

3: Creating the Role of Student Leader

4: Applying Leadership Beyond School

5: Managing Friendships, Peers and Leadership

Image - Lessons All 17.png

Comprehensive Video Lessons

There are 17 comprehensive video lessons across the 5 modules. Each lesson is relevant to the specific module’s topic area and as students progress through the lessons they are required to complete a series of tasks and activities to reinforce their learnings.


Downloadable Workbooks

Each of the five modules contains a specific workbook that complements the video lessons within that module. Students work through the workbooks completing tasks, activities and making notes as they progress through each of the 17 lessons. The final completed workbooks then serve as a comprehensive resource that is available for the student leader to refer to as they undertake their leadership role at your school.

Dozens of Leadership Activities

The Workbooks contain dozens of activities and tasks that your student leader will complete as they work through each of the video lessons. These include leadership processes, role play scenarios, action plans, definitions and leadership applications.

Who is it for?

The Inspire Student Leadership Development Program is for High School/Secondary School students aged 15 years to 18 years.

It is designed primarily for students that have a leadership position such as:

  • School Captains and Vice Captains

  • Sports, Music, Arts and Subject Captains

  • Student Representative Council members

  • Class Captains

  • Sports/House Captains

  • All senior final year students

    We are building the world’s best online Student Leadership resource centre for schools and you can access it today for a very special limited time price.

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